Auto insurance quotes for bad driving record

Auto insurance quotes for bad driving record


Auto Insurance protects against all possible damage to your vehicle – this is the slogan of every insurance company. An interesting fact is that the point of damage of the vehicle by third parties does not include damages, which could be applied to animals.

And when buying a policy Hull is unlikely someone will be able to imagine that one day on the roof of his car suddenly arrange dismantling of several dogs and one especially sharp-clawed cat. Such thoughts would never come, they just suddenly realized in life. Rarely but aptly, to be true to the end. That’s with a client one insurance company is the misfortune happened.

Early in the morning a pack of dogs has landed a small cat has a kitten on the roof just bought Nissan X-trail, which stood in the courtyard of an apartment house, which was insured for hull? In animals, the scientists are right, a keen eye for such things. So, the battle has become a testing ground for Nissan X-trail. Cat claws frantically roof, beckoning enemies that with diligence dog gnaw his teeth and paws hit bumpers and tires, forgetting in the heat of battle that the bumpers and plastic lining cost money. The result of the battle is unknown, but the reaction of the owner of a car is quite predictable. Of course, at first he was upset. But then relaxed when he remembered that the charming girl-manager at registration policy Hull warned him that any damage caused by third parties, will be refunded in the form of insurance compensation.

Following his actions were such – he went to the police station to get a confirmation that that the car was the victim of bullying. The documents, which were drawn up by local police department, pointed out that the hooligan attack was allowed, as was evident traces of claws and teeth. Operational staff have advised the insurer to mention the fact that they were just animals, so as not to bring the case to the criminal proceedings.

The same insurance company, it was stated that the compensation will not, despite the fact that they were presented all the necessary documents. The reason for refusal was that caused damage to individuals were allowed, so that the insurance company has no obligation to such risks themselves did not accept.

Then followed the proceedings, which lasted about one and a half years, after which the court decision was rendered on the illegality of the refusal to pay the insurance compensation. The insurer was obliged to pay all repair costs of the vehicle. The lawyer of the victim in the indictment was based on the fact that the charter company does not have a precise explanation of what to do with the injuries that suffered pets. Some insurance companies in the Treaties stipulate that the case of animals do not become the reason for the payment of insurance compensation.

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